Clear Out Your Unwanted Clutter

Get your home or business clean with our junk removal services in Hyattsville, MD

Unwanted clutter doesn't just make your home or business look bad. It can also become a serious fire and safety hazard. That's why you'll want to have Wamaa Handyman Services in Hyattsville, MD come clear out your junk for you.

With our junk removal services, we will:

  • Clean up your room, home or office
  • Load the junk into our truck
  • Dispose of your junk at the nearest landfill

Reclaim space in your home or business by scheduling a junk removal service with us today.

junk removal services hyattsville md

We'll help with your latest demolition project

Along with our junk removal services, we're also able to provide demolition services. Our team can come and completely tear apart your rooms, floors or deck, taking great care to not damage any other parts of your home.

Selective demolition is ideal when you want to fully remodel a room in your home. By letting us handle things, you won't have to worry about putting yourself or your home at risk. We'll also make sure to clean up and haul away any leftover debris.

Ready to get your next project started? Take advantage of our demolition services today.