Bring Your Yard Back Under Control

Boost your curb appeal with our landscaping services in Hyattsville, MD

A beautiful lawn does a lot to improve the value and appearance of your home. Meanwhile, a messy lawn means you won't get to fully enjoy your home's exterior. A quick landscaping service from Wamaa Handyman Services in Hyattsville, MD can completely revitalize your property.

Our professional gardener can:

  • Cut your lawn and trees
  • Tend to your garden
  • Build a new patio
  • Apply fresh mulch

You can count on our landscaping services to turn your lawn into a personal oasis. Call us at 240-278-1644 to schedule a service for your yard.

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Add some color with a new garden

Have you always wanted a garden but lack the green thumb to care for it yourself? You won't have to worry about that when working with a professional gardener. We'll easily help you design and grow a lush garden in your yard.

We can refresh an old garden or completely create a new one. Plus, we can provide tips on how to best care for it. These gardens are especially great for businesses looking to add something new to their property.

Ready to enjoy the garden you've always wanted? Get in touch with our professional gardener today.